Hiring A Contractor. What we should know?

It is often difficult to know exactly which contractor to choose to repair our roof, in this article we explain some elements that you should know for a good selection.

The Roofing Contractor Must Be Insured.

  • The Roofing Contractor Must Be Insured.

    Any Roofing Contractor you hire must have insurance. The most important insurance is liability insurance and workers’ compensation, both of them protect you from having your property damaged or one of the workers getting injured on your property.
    If the contractor does not have these insurances, You could be responsible.
    Make sure the contractor meets these requirements.

  • Roofing Contractors Must be Licensed

    Every Roofing Contractor must be licensed. Hiring a licensed Roofing Contractor guarantees a degree of quality, As it gives you the assurance that the contractor has met the qualifications required by your state.
    The roofing contractor must provide to you the warranty for their work.
    The manufacturer must provide the guarantee of the roofing materials used, In addition, the work carried out must have a guarantee of at least one year.
    Make sure the warranty is written into the contract and that it specifies what remedies will be provided in the event of any situation covered by the warranty.

  • Roofing contractors must sign a contract for their work.

    You must request a signed contract even from the roofing contractor. In the contract, they must specify everything from the cost and payment to the schedule and completion date.
    The contract should also include the roofing materials and what specifically brand you have agreed to use.