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Do you have a room in your home or building that has a dark, dreary feeling? Even in the middle of the day? These dark areas aren’t known for being favorite spaces due to the general atmosphere that the lack of real daylight produces. Your gloomy room is likely on the northern side of the structure, or shaded by big trees. Often times it can be an interior room where a traditional window to the outside world (and that cheery sunlight) just isn’t possible.

These are the types of rooms where lights need to be turned on in the daytime to make them functional or to get rid of that cave-like feeling. Commercial buildings with warehouse space run into this issue quite often and can use massive amounts of electricity just to light these kinds of areas.

If you find yourself in this type of situation and you’re looking for a solution to light up your home or business, Star Roofing LLC has fantastic, energy-efficient solutions including roof-integrated skylights –- large, small, vented, glazed or shaded skylights completely different from the plastic bubble skylights of yesteryear. We can integrate skylights into myriad roof types and with our experience and skilled staff, Scudder can help you find the best application for your needs as well as assure you of the waterproof integrity of your roof and the skylight solution you choose.